Project kick-off


Last January, the new EU-funded project, “Strategies for Just and Equitable Transition in Europe” (ST4TE) was launched in Brussels! ST4TE aims to investigate the impact of the Twin Transition (TT) on inequalities among individuals and territories and explore how existing inequalities affect the transition paths creating cycles of inequalities.  

For a 3 years period, the ST4TE project will aim towards a comprehensive view of the drivers of the TT, the inequalities that emerge or are widened by the TT, and a set of policies to build greener, more equal and more productive societies. 



Led by a robust consortium of eight partners, the project has four objectives: first, to understand and measure the transitions, second, to assess the impact of the two transitions, separately and combined on inequalities (either territorial or among individuals), third, to assess how existing inequalities influence the TT transition pathways and lead to new cycles of inequality, fourth, to develop a set of tools and, finally, policy advice framework allowing policy makers to create just and inclusive TT policies. 

Through econometric analyses, machine learning algorithms, and agent-based modelling simulations, the consortium will quantify the impacts of TT on individuals and territories, shedding light on the underlying drivers and mechanisms at play. In parallel, qualitative methods such as narrative interviews, case studies, and workshops will provide rich contextual understanding, capturing the lived experiences and perspectives of stakeholders across Europe. 

The ST4TE consortium has extensive knowledge in the fields of twin transitions, inequalities, and research and innovation (R&I). This expertise, along with experience in participative methodologies, green and digital mapping and various other methodological tools will guarantee sound scientific evidence on TT in Europe towards a just and equitable transition. 


Welcome onboard! 


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